Friday Night Lights

The trails were in the prime condition, the stars were twinkling, the jam was bopping, and the skis were ready to go. It was a great of skiing at the second and final University Cup team sprint hosted by the UofA Nordic Academy and although the name of the event paralleled that of a famous football film, unlike that film everyone was a winner in some way even if the race did not go their way. For a complete set of results, go to


  1. Michael Kennedy & Kate Buddo; 2nd


  1. Colleen Mortimer & Tim Wintinow; 1st in heat and overall


  1. Freya Hik & Abram Meagher; 1st in heat, 2nd overall
  2. Jessica Patterson & Connor Speer; 2nd in heat, 4th overall
  3. Kes Carson & Ryan Alexandruk; 3rd in heat; 4th overall

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