New Learn to Ski Program Open for Registration

Bear Paws (Learn to Ski):

This program is coach delivered. This program is for ages 6 and up who are interested in developing their fundamental movements for Nordic skiing. Children younger than 6 will be accepted on a case by case basis. The program offers technique driven practices that are designed to introduce the important skills of balance on skis, weight shift, body position and timing of upper and lower body. Other skills will include developing downhill control and cornering as well as stopping. The approach will be on repetition of movement to develop the movement patterns and start to increase economy of motion on skis (because skiing is a continuous aerobic sport). This level will offer the chance to explore different trail systems. 

10 Lessons will start in December or January and run until March. Sessions will run Saturday afternoons for 1.5 hours. The schedule is TBD. Lessons will be cancelled if temperatures are below -20C.

Bear Paws would be encouraged to attend regional loppets with their coaches and regional races (when appropriate). 

Register at

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