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Alberta Cup 5, 6 & 7 – Thank You!


AB Cup Complete; Thanks to Sponsors!

Well Mother Nature provided some great snow and beautiful scenery, but also presented challenges due to frigid temperatures! A big Thank You to our generous sponsors and all of the hard-working volunteers for making the event a success: 


February 16-17, 2019

drayton_trailsPembina Nordic Ski Club and the University of Alberta Nordic Racing Foundation invite you to join us in Drayton Valley, Alberta, for Alberta Cups 5, 6 & 7 on February 16 and 17, 2019.

Come ski the beautiful trails of Eagle Point Provincial Park for the last Alberta Cup of the season.

Zone4 registration is here, updated race notice is here

weather Weather forecast for Drayton Valley. 

Course maps for:


A Big Thanks to our Sponsors:



  • Saturday, Feb 16 – AB Cup #5, Sprint – Free Technique, Individual Qualifier + Heats
  • Sunday, Feb 17 (am) – AB Cup #6, Distance – Classic Technique, Interval Start
  • Sunday, Feb 17 (pm) – AB Cup #7, Relay – Classic Technique


Member hotels of the Drayton Valley Hospitality and Tourism Authority are offering special room rates to participants. Ask for ‘Pembina Nordic Ski Club rate’ when booking at the following:drayton_tourism

Ask for ‘Pembina Nordic Ski Club rate’ when booking your stay!


Universiade Winter Games: Support Our Athletes

A big congratulations to two of our athletes, Ember Large and Matjaz Cigler, 22 and 19 respectively, who qualified to represent Canada and the University of Alberta at the 2019 Universiade, in their sport of cross-country skiing!



The trip costs to Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Russia, are significant; please consider supporting them with a financial contribution so that they can focus on studies & training!

About our Athletes:

Ember, who in her spare time is a guide at a wilderness camp out in the Rocky Mountains, head coach of some young skiers with the Edmonton Nordic Ski Club, as well as avid rock climber and adventure bum, is striving to become a professional social worker in a wilderness therapy setting for at-risk youth. She has been ski-racing competitively for over 10 years and it has been her long-time dream to represent Canada at an international sporting event. This year, her dream came true when she succeeded at qualifying for the games based on her performance in the 2017-18 race season. She appreciates support in whatever form you are able, from donations to smiles and encouraging thoughts!

Matjaz, who is currently entering his second year of civil engineering co-op, can be seen at the gym, on the track, and on the trails in every spare waking moment. He enjoys mountain biking, wake surfing, and rock climbing in what free time he has. Making the move from Southern Ontario to Edmonton for his education, he has put endless time and effort into becoming the best skier he can be, and some of his friends wonder if he actually ever sleeps or studies, because he always seems to be training. He also qualified for the games based on his results from the previous race season, and hopes these games are just the first step to his international racing career.

The Universiade (FISU) Games:

11 days. 11 Different sports. Over 2500 participants from over 50 countries. This March these participants will come together in Russia to compete in the largest winter multi-sport event for student-athletes in the world. The 2019 Winter Universiade, is a games formatted not unlike the Olympic games, and will be held in the city of Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. Over the two-week span that the athletes attend, they will participate in multiple competitions and events in their respective sports, representing their university and country and competing against the top university athletes from all around the globe. These games provide an opportunity unlike any other, fostering connections across international borders for student-athletes, and giving them the opportunity to compete at and observe first-hand the level of competition that exists internationally.

Red Deer Alberta Cup 5/6…and more!

It has been an eventful year so far for the University of Alberta Nordic Ski Team, and we are only one month into 2016! This month we have participated in multiple races and loppets including Troll in the Park Loppet, the Camrose University Team Sprint, Pembina Nordic 40th Anniversary Loppet, Athabasca Loppet, and most recently Alberts Cups 5/6 in Red Deer! We have experienced everything this past month in our races across the province from freezing to sweat pouring temperatures, icy to fluffy snow, big hills to flat plains, and ice beards to rosy cheeks. Along with the results I will update you on below, some of the results will be available at the following links. Go Golden Bears and Pandas, and God speed!

Athabasca Loppet:

Alberta Cup 5:

Alberta Cup 6:

Troll in the Park Loppet:

Women’s 5km:

1.Freya Hik; 1st

Men’s 10km:

1.Connor Speer; 7th

2. Abram Meagher; 6th

Pembina Nordic Loppet:

Women’s 13km:

  1. Freya Hik; 2nd & 2nd

Men’s 26km:

  1. Connor Speer; 6th
  2. Abram Meagher; 2nd

Athabasca Loppet:

Women’s 10km:

  1. Adrienne Dunbar


  1. Connor Speer; 20km; 6th
  2. Kyle Melnyck; 20km; 9th
  3. Abram Meagher; 10km; 2nd

Alberta Cup 5: Interval Skate 10km


  1. Kat Stone; Senior Women; 1st
  2. Freya Hik; Senior Women; 2nd


  1. Conor Speer; Senior Men; 9th
  2. Abram Meagher; Junior Men; 1st

Alberta Cup 6: Mass Start Classic 10km


  1. Freya Hik; Senior Women; 1st


  1. Connor Speer; Senior Men; 5th
  2. Abram Meagher; Junior Men; 3rd

NorAm/AB Cup 1&2

Temperatures were sublime and trails perfect at the Canmore Nordic Centre for the first official races of the season by the Golden Bears. There was everything from uphill double poling to a 92-man mass start. The three racers we had venture down for these exciting races experienced it all and skied away with some solid early season results. Along with these races we had our own Adrienne Dunbar compete in a 50km ultra here in Edmonton, surviving the cold to finish with her group. For full results from the ski races check out the link below. &

Day 1: Classic Individual Start


  1. Kat Stone; 5km; 20th in Senior Women


  1. Connor Speer; 10km; 32nd in Senior Men
  2. Abram Meagher; 10km; 19th in Junior Men

Day 2: Skate Mass Start


  1. Kat Stone; 10km; 12th in Senior Women


  1. Connor Speer; 16.5km; 46th in Senior Men
  2. Abram Meagher; 16.5km; 13th in Junior Men

First Flakes Loppet 2015

The first race of the season was great for the Golden Bears and Pandas, with all that competed pulling out solid results and times. The conditions were sublime for early winter racing and the skis were fast enough to provide some competition throughout the field of athletes. In all it was a great preparation weekend for those competing in the upcoming AB Cup/NorAm races this weekend in Canmore. Full results can be found through the link below. Go Bears and Pandas!

Women’s 10km:

1.Kate Stone; 1st

Men’s 10km:

1.Abram Meagher; 4th

2. Connor Speer; 6th

Hinton on Snow Camp

After a long wait for snow, a couple of our Bears and Pandas spent the last weekend in Hinton training with the Augustana Vikings. It was a winter wonderland with lots of snow, great training and awesome camaraderie with our fellow skiers. With temperatures sitting just around zero, the skis ran fairly well across the snow, giving practically ideal conditions for a time trial to the close the camp. The trails there in Hinton are amazing and if any other Bears or Pandas decide to hibernate somewhere that should be the place. Happy skiing, and Go Bears and Pandas!