Frank McNamara Race #1 Hawrelak Park

It was a great night for racing on the Wednesday evening of September 9 with the temperature being ideal for some fast cross country running. The Golden Bear and Panda skiers were there in a strong force spanning across the field, and taking home some great times in the process. For a full set of results check out the link below :-). Unfortunately not every Bear/Panda was registered for this race so some of the names will not be on the list. Enjoy!


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Dunbar and Gervais have great result at Trailstoke Ultramarathon

This past weekend some of the UofA Nordic Academy skiers traded in their skis and poles for a pair of sneakers to go the distance. On Saturday, August 29 athletes Adrienne Dunbar and Joel Gervais competed in the Trailstoke Ultramarathon in Revelstoke, BC, coming up with solid results in the solo 55km division. To view the full list of results simply follow the link below. Go Golden Bears and Pandas :-D.

Back to School!

Hey Everyone,

Welcome to our new revamped web page! I hope the summer has treated you well. The time has come to head back to the books for the University of Alberta Nordic Academy and start fall training starting with the Team Try-out Day on September 5th. You should expect more awesome updates about the team in the near future.

In the meantime, enjoy this wicked video from Team Valoche.

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Alberta Cup Success for UofA Nordic

The results are in for the Alberta Cup points series and UofA Nordic had a great showing in the results. Congrats and see you all next year.


  1. Colleen Mortimer: 1st for Masters Women 1&2
  2. Jenny Patterson: 5th for Senior Women
  3. Adrienne Dunbar: 6th for Senior Women
  4. Kat Stone: 10th for Senior Women
  5. Freya Hik: 2nd for Junior Women
  6. Kes Carson: 3rd for Junior Women


  1. Connor Speer: 3rd for Senior Men
  2. Ryan Alexandruk: 9th for Senior Men
  3. Ragnar Robinson: 10th for Senior Men
  4. Abram Meagher: 1st for Junior Men

Haywood Nationals Thunder Bay 2015

A team sprint, and two interval middle distance starts. These were the events that the UofA Nordic Academy competed in against the nation and its Universities this past weekend at the annual Haywood Nationals in Thunder Bay. The Lappe trail system proved to be a challenging one with heart stopping downhills, quick footing corners, and climbs so painful that one of them is rightly named “The Grunt”. These factors did not daunt the UofA team though, who took on all the challenges the course threw at them and succeeded in great racing and results. For a full set of results, click on the links attached to each of the days below.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

CCUNC Free Technique Team Sprints

  1. Abram Meagher/Lukas Mark; 6th
  2. Connor Speer/Ryan Alexandruk; 12th

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Free Technique Interval Start

Women’s 5km:

  1. Freya Hik: Overall JrWomen, 25th; CCUNC, 27th

Men’s 10km:

  1. Connor Speer: Overall SrMen, 55th; CCUNC, 31st
  2. Abram Meagher: Overall JrMen, 11th; CCUNC, 10th

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Classic Technique Interval Start

Women’s 10km:

  1. Freya Hik: Overall JrWomen, 24th; CCUNC, 28th

Men’s 15km:

  1. Connor Speer: Overall SrMen, 58th; CCUNC, 32nd
  2. Ryan Alexandruk: Overall SrMen, 59th; CCUNC, 33rd
  3. Abram Meagher: Overall JrMen, 16th; CCUNC, 19th

Beat the Blues Boogie 2015

The weather was prime for the last University Cup race of the year out at the Strathcona Wilderness Center, and once again the UofA Nordic Academy showed its great skiing ability. With it being the last race before Canadian Nationals, the team looked in fine form leading into the Championships this coming weekend. For complete results, got


  1. Kathryn Stone: 2nd
  2. Freya Hik: 4th
  3. Jessie Patterson: 5th
  4. Kes Carson: 11th
  5. Ariel Raudsepp: 12th


  1. Abram Meagher: 2nd
  2. Ryan Alexandruk: 12th

Friday Night Lights

The trails were in the prime condition, the stars were twinkling, the jam was bopping, and the skis were ready to go. It was a great of skiing at the second and final University Cup team sprint hosted by the UofA Nordic Academy and although the name of the event paralleled that of a famous football film, unlike that film everyone was a winner in some way even if the race did not go their way. For a complete set of results, go to


  1. Michael Kennedy & Kate Buddo; 2nd


  1. Colleen Mortimer & Tim Wintinow; 1st in heat and overall


  1. Freya Hik & Abram Meagher; 1st in heat, 2nd overall
  2. Jessica Patterson & Connor Speer; 2nd in heat, 4th overall
  3. Kes Carson & Ryan Alexandruk; 3rd in heat; 4th overall

The Adventures of the Raven and Anna at the Canada Winter Games

The UofA Nordic Academy had two athletes representing their home provinces at the Canada Winter Games this past week. Ragnar Robinson skied in the able-bodied men’s category for his home province of Saskatchewan, while Anna Lucas skied in the sit-ski women’s category for Team Alberta. Both had great results throughout the week, and the whole crew back in Edmonton are extremely proud of them.

Ragnar Robinson:

  1. 10km Classic Interval Start: 31st
  2. 1.5km Classic Sprint: 31st
  3. 15km Free Technique Mass Start: 37th
  4. Mixed Technique Relay: 8th for team and in his leg

Anna Lucas Osma:

  1. 2.5km Interval Start: 3rd
  2. 800m Sprint: 4th
  3.  5km Interval Start: 3rd

Birkebeiner 2015

It was another great day of racing for the UofA Nordic Academy Bears and another year in the books at the Birkie.  The day started out just like a typical Birkie with dear mother nature reminding us that we can not control the conditions out on the trails.  After almost having to cancel the race due to lack of snow, the previous week, the trails received almost a foot of snow the night before the race.  Weather/snow challenges are a typical Birkie experience and this year was to be no different.  The racers now had to face the challenge of getting to the race on snowy roads followed by a long day on ungroomed trails.  The skiers showed patience, perseverance and a whole lot of speed in three race distances. With fresh powder annihilating the trail, starts were pushed back an hour while trail crews worked to have at least part of the courses groomed for racing. However this did not phase UofA’s racers with medals being obtained on the day, and a whole lot of fun skiing was had. Coach Kennedy managed to muster up enough strength to compete in the 13k, pulling off an amazing finish.  For a full set of results, go to


  1. Ana Lucas: 31k; 534th overall, 50th in age group (Sit-ski)
  2. Colleen Mortimer: 55k w/pack; 2nd overall and for women, 1st in age group
  3. Adrienne Dunbar: 55k Lite; 31st Overall, 2nd in age group, 5th for women
  4. Kathryn Stone: 13k; 3rd Overall, 1st in age group and for women
  5. Jenny Patterson: 31k; 72nd overall, 4th in age group, 19th for women
  6. Jessie Patterson: 31k; 35th overall, 2nd in age group , 6th for women
  7. Freya Hik: 31k; 25th overall , 2nd in age group, 4th for women
  8. Kes Carson: 31k; 57th overall, 4th in age group, 14th for women


  1. Ragnar Robinson: 13k; 2nd overall and for men, 1st in age group
  2. Connor Speer: 31k; 3rd overall and for men, 2nd in age group
  3. Ryan Alexandruk: 31k; 16th overall, 5th in age group, 14th for men
  4. Abram Meagher: 31k; 2nd overall and for men, 1st in age group


  1. Michael Kennedy: 13k; 18th overall, 1st in age group, 8th for men

Alberta Cup 7/8 & Calforex #5

Once again the Nordic Academy faced a cold weekend of racing with both competing in Nordic and Biathlon action, proving that Golden Bears have a bit of polar bear within them. On the biathlon side of things, Kathryn Stone and Jennifer Patterson shot their ways to the top of the podium in both of their races, blowing away the field with their speed and marksmanship. On the Nordic side of things, there were quite a few podium finishes as well, with the second day of racing having race officials shorten the races due to the freezing weather. The results are online at and below:

Saturday, February 7, 2015


Biathlon 10km Mass Start

  1. Kat Stone; 1st
  2. Jennifer Patterson; 2nd

Nordic Classic Mass Start

  1. Colleen Mortimer: Masters Women 1/2 9.4km; 1st
  2. Anna Lucas: Sit-ski Women 5.2km; 1st
  3. Freya Hik: Junior Women 7.5km; 3rd
  4. Kes Carson: Junior Women 7.5km; 4th


Nordic Classic Mass Start

  1. Ragnar Robinson: Senior Men 9.4km; 2nd
  2. Connor Speer: Senior Men 9.4km; 4th
  3. Ryan Alexandruk: Senior Men 9.4km; 6th
  4. Abram Meagher: Junior Men 9.4km; 2nd

Sunday, February 8, 2015


Biathlon 10km Individual Start

  1. Kat Stone; 1st
  2. Jenny Patterson; 2nd

Nordic Interval Start Freestyle

  1. Colleen Mortimer: Masters Women 1/2 9.4km; 1st
  2. Anna Lucas: Sit-ski Women 5.2km; 1st
  3. Adrienne Dunbar: Senior Women 4.7km; 5th
  4. Freya Hik: Junior Women 4.7km; 2nd
  5. Kes Carson: Junior Women 4.7km; 3rd


Interval Start Freestyle

  1. Connor Speer: Senior Men 9.4km; 4th
  2. Abram Meagher: Junior Men 9.4km; 1st